Monday, June 11, 2007

Crazy From The Heat

I’ve referenced David Lee Roth here before, and I thought the title of his 1985 solo album was an appropriate title for today’s post.

It was 90, humid, and windy. Whew! That is getting pretty steamy for us here in the Twin Cities. To bring some perspective to this, exactly 2 months ago on April 11th, we had 31 degrees and sleet. Welcome to Minnesota! :)

I did my usual 4 1/2 today, and it was kind of slow going. At least it felt like it was slow going! The heat and humidity always seem to sap my energy pretty quickly. But, I managed just fine, and a cool shower felt mighty good when I got home.

Unrelated to anything, I just saw on TV that today is the birthday of actor Gene Wilder, star of such classic comedies as “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” “Young Frankenstein,” and “Silver Streak,” to name a few of his films. He is...good grief, 74 year old?!? Perhaps it is because of the heat, but for some reason this shocked me. It doesn’t even seem possible! Happy birthday, are one of the best!

Until next time,

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