Saturday, June 09, 2007

I’m a ramblin’ guy

As Steve Martin might have sung, “Well I’m ramblin’, I’m ramblin’ round, I’m a ramblin guy...” :) I have a lot of assorted rambling notes from today, so I will just put them in bullet form:

-I ran 14 miles this morning. I had intended to run 12, but it was so nice out that I kept going. It was a good, long run at an easy pace, and I brought along enough water and Clif Shot Bloks gels to keep me going. Great day outside, and I saw a green heron and lots of baby cottontail rabbits!

-When I got home, the French Open tennis match was on TV. Normally I consider myself fairly savvy with sports, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about women’s tennis. Belgian Justine Henin was the winner, and apparently this is her 4th win at the French Open. I was thinking only 3 words; she’s kinda cute! (Justine, call me...we’ll go running)

-For lunch, I took a road trip southeast of the metro to a tiny little town called Miesville, which is south of Hastings. I ate a bar called King’s Place. They are know for burgers, and have perhaps a couple of dozen options for toppings. I had the “Mudhen Burger,” which has bacon, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and raw onions. Fantastic!

My “Mudhen Burger” at King’s Place...delicious!

-On my way home, I found this beautiful church in the town of New Trier, which was west of Miesville. This is St. Mary’s Catholic Church. I learned the building was constructed in 1909, and it is done in the French “Beaux Arts” style of architecture. The congregation itself dates back to 1856, which is two years before Minnesota even became a state! A beautiful church, no?

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in New Trier, MN

-Still on the way home, I swung in to a Best Buy to pick up ”The Muppet Movie” on DVD. Earlier this week after some rain, there was the most beautiful rainbow visible from my deck. It was a perfect arc, and it was so wide I could not photograph the whole thing. Anyhow, it made me think of Kermit’s sweet song from “The Muppet Movie” called ”The Rainbow Connection.” I decided I needed to have this classic film, so I might be watching this tonight...along with the NASCAR Busch race, of course!

A perfect rainbow, taken from my deck earlier this week

That’s about it! A full day so far, and it ain’t even over with yet. I think I will sleep well tonight.

Until next time,

A Ramblin’ Guy
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