Monday, June 18, 2007

Morning storms, nice afternoon, lots of butterflies

Yesterday was pretty lazy after my 13 miler on Saturday. I pretty much sat around, cooked up some spaghetti and homemade meatballs with red sauce (yum!) and flipped between NASCAR and the US Open. The US Open was a particularly great tournament, although it is kind of interesting that Tiger (perhaps the fittest golfer on tour) lost to Angel Cabrera (a notorious chain-smoker). This is not doing anything to help the "golfers are really athletes" argument! :)

Some storms blew through the metro this morning. We got absolutely dumped on around my office. But the front moved through, making for a moderately pleasant afternoon.

It was 75 degrees at the time of my run, with overcast skies, and a stiff, swirling wind. For some reason, it was one of those days where you always felt as if your were running directly into a breeze! I had a great run. I felt strong, and even mixed in a few sprints along the way.

I saw a number of butterflies. I saw the mourning cloaks (who are in the same spot along the trail every day!), several of the infamous and popular monarchs, and the most prevalent were the red admirals. There were dozens all over the trail, no doubt enjoying the moist dirt from this morning’s rain. The butterflies certainly made the run more colorful today! :)

I have meeting on Wednesday at my bank to talk to one of their consultants and get the wheel in motion for purchasing a home. This will be the first step; to find out what I can afford before I start fantasizing about what I can’t afford! I am expecting this will be an arduous process, but I can’t stand it here anymore. One way or another, I will be in a new home this fall.

Until next time,

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