Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer, summer, summer!

As The Cars sang in their 1984 hit song, “Magic”...

“Summer, summer, summer!”

Happy first day of summer, everyone! :)

Yay, Friday is here! It was a long (but good, and productive) week at work, so it is nice to see the weekend arrive.

Strange weather this afternoon; very cool at barely 70, but still incredibly humid. I ran just a shade over 6 miles today, and that humidity caused me to sweat like a madman. One of those days where it felt hotter than it really was, if that makes any sense!

Not much on the agenda for the weekend. I discovered last week that my DVD player no longer works (it is quite old), so I really need to replace that. I have yet to watch the DVD of ”The Muppet Movie” that I purchased a couple weeks ago! Also, I have the 8k race in Big Lake on Sunday, but that is about it. Looks like it is going to be warm that day, so hopefully it will remain somewhat cool for the morning race. Should be a good time.

Enjoy the weekend!

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