Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TV doldrums

Extremely windy this afternoon! It was roaring out of the southeast, and there is the threat of some storms tonight and tomorrow.

But today was very cool, only about 62 at the time of my run. That made for pretty nice running, even with the big winds. It was the usual 4 1/2 and had a good day on the trails. I even planned it so I had the tailwind on the way home! :)

With summer upon us, we have entered the TV doldrums; all of the regular shows are on hiatus, so we get to see a whole bunch of repeats, as well as a few new summer shows that the networks have thrust upon us (most of it seems to be garbage reality shows).

There is a new summer show that I am really enjoying, however. It is called ”Traveler” on ABC. Think of “The Fugitive” but with college punks and a government conspriacy. The thrid episode is on tonight, and the first two were most entertaining. I’m just telling everyone I know about it in hopes that it catches on and gets renewed!

Until next time,

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