Sunday, July 08, 2007

Counting rabbits

So I survived my Friday/Saturday meetings...barely. Driving downtown is stressful (I narrowly missed getting creamed by the light rail). My hotel was noisy thanks to an infestation of junior olympic volleyball players (somewhere around 8000 of them, with some loud ones right next door to me), as well as some idiot who decided that 1:30 AM is a great time to get into a fight with his girlfriend. I can’t repeat what he said because it was so offensive it might make Alec Baldwin blush. But let me just say if the person who was staying in room 1545 of the Minneapolis Hilton on Friday night is reading this; you, sir, are a colossal loser, and your mother would be ashamed of you.

(Incidentally, some of you might remember a slightly more amusing situation I had at the Hilton in Green Bay last year. I am not sure I want to stay with the Hilton family anymore.)

That being said, I think the meetings were successful. I met a lot of nice folks that I will be working with in the coming years. There was also plenty of food, but apparently I missed out on the really good stuff at Thursday night‘s event (full buffet with sushi...damn!). Anyhow, it was a busy couple of days, and accomplished a lot, so I was pretty tired when I got home yesterday. I managed to get a good night’s rest, and I was up and at ‘em this morning for my weekend long run!

It was hotter than blazes yesterday (97 degrees), and it didn’t cool off much overnight. I did a 12 miler starting at 5:15 AM. When I returned home I checked the temperature, and it was 81 degrees already. No wonder I was so sluggish! The run was a bit of a struggle with the warmth, but I am glad I went out when I did because it is only getting hotter as the day wears on.

To take my mind off the heat, I decided to count rabbits. I had mentioned in a couple of earlier posts that I had seen lots of cottontail rabbits lately, so I thought I would tally them up. Over the course of 12 miles, I saw 21 rabbits. Can you believe it, 21? That breaks down to an average of 1.75 bunnies per mile! I have to believe that is an impressive bunny-to-mile ratio no matter how you slice it. :) They are cute little buggers.

Also worth noting in the nature category, I saw two green herons along the swamp edges. Even more impressive, I saw something I had never seen before in my area; a wild turkey! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but this turkey was walking across a yard near a wooded area. He was huge, nearly 4 feet tall, and was very stately. I tried a weak attempt at making a gobbling sound, but he could have cared less and kept on trucking across the yard. How awesome!

It’s back to the grind tomorrow, and hopefully it will be a somewhat normal work week after this past one, which was rather discombobulated. I don’t really feel like I had a weekend! Oh well, normalcy shall return soon enough.

Until next time,

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