Saturday, July 14, 2007

A fun summer day

A rather full and fun day today.

I got up at 5:30 and did a 14 mile run. Dare I say it felt great. I paced myself well, hydrated and nourished myself well (including another raspberry break at mile 11...they are getting more ripe and delicious!), and generally enjoyed the whole experience. The temperature was comfortable in the mid 60’s with a slight bit of humidity, so it was pleasant. Much better than last weekend, weather-wise!

Lots of birds were active this morning. I saw egrets, a pair of common loons, and even a couple of belted kingfishers hanging out on a power line over a creek. I had not seen any kingfishers yet this summer, so that was a treat. Of course, the were plenty of bunnies as well (no shortage of those guys).

After my run, I headed to Minnetonka to my running store, Start Line. Time to replace the shoes! Actually, I still have a few good runs left in my old ones, but I was not sure when I might get to Minnetonka again in the upcoming weeks, so it seemed prudent. As always, they took good care of me.

Since I was in Minnetonka, I had to have lunch at the Lone Spur. I really miss living so close to this place! The enchiladas with beef brisket were as good as I remember.

The enchiladas with brisket from the Lone Spur...yum!

Being such a lovely day, on a whim I decided to take a short road trip to parts of southeastern Minnesota. I drove down to the town of Wanamingo, which is where my Dad’s side of the family comes from. I didn’t stay long, just did some sightseeing and took a walk around town. I had not been here in years, so it was fun to see the familiar sights, and to see what has changed. Lots of fun and very nostalgic! A gorgeous day to do such an excursion.

Downtown Wanamingo

I think I should sleep pretty well tonight after the long run, shoe shopping, enchilada eating, and the road trip. A great day!

Until next time,

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