Friday, July 27, 2007

Once more, with clarity

While the humidity was blown out of here be a so-called cold front, it did not bring much in the way of “cold!” A mere 91 degrees this afternoon, but at least it was not so muggy.

I did the usual route (still upset with all the berry patches that were thoughtlessly mowed down), and had a decent run. Not very easy to run in the warmth, but I managed to do much better than yesterday.

So you might remember last November, I pulled up stakes and moved to be closer to my new office. You also might recall how I have expressed some dislike for my current apartment. Things are about to change.

Today I signed the papers on a new place, and I will move (again) this October! I am actually moving back to the west side of metro, so my drive will be longer to work. But I will be closer to some things I missed since moving out here to the northeast. My running store, my favorite Byerly’s grocery store, more restaurants, shopping, and most of my friends live over here, too!

The place I am moving to seems as if it will be much quieter. I asked some really good questions, paid close attention to the sound, and received some good answers from the manager (who lives on site). The apartment is beautiful, bigger than my current place, has more storage, a deck I can actually use, and even has a fireplace. And it is only a few bucks more per month than I am paying right now. Sweet!

Oh, and the running scene; Hennepin County has a huge network of trails, some of which will be practically right outside my door, taking me past lakes, streams, and through numerous parks. I think this will afford me even more running opportunities, which leaves me positively giddy.

So it will be yet another fall season of packing and moving, but hopefully to better and more comfortable surroundings. I am looking forward to the change.

Movin' on,

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