Monday, July 02, 2007

A peculiar week

A very overcast and humid day. It looked like it could rain at any second, yet we only managed a few stray raindrops, so nothing significant.

The temperature was somewhat cooler, around 78, but the dewpoint was in the low 60’s, so it was quite sticky an muggy. I ran the usual 4 1/2, taking it relatively easy after my long run on Saturday. Everything feels pretty good. I had a little bit of stiffness, but nothing that didn’t work itself out with a little stretching.

I saw a number of gray catbirds along the trail today. I kind of like these guys. They are pretty nondescript in color, but they are very sleek and have a lot of personality. Also, once again, there were many, many bunnies. A bumper crop this year, I think.

This is sort of a strange week for me. With the 4th of July landing on a Wednesday (a worst possible scenario), a lot of folks at work took the week off. I chose not to, since I would have had to burn at least two days of vacation on either side of Wednesday to make the holiday weekend worthwhile. And, I have a two day long meeting downtown Minneapolis starting on Friday, which is not typical either.

So, a holiday on Wednesday, and some work on Saturday. Oh,well. I will just have to do my long run on Sunday! :)
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