Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beware of Moose

Over the last two nights, I got in a couple of runs over the usual route. Yesterday I took it really easy, and today I had a pretty spirited run (even with it being 92 degrees outside!). I feel very good after the long race on Saturday, so I am recovering quite nicely.

I saw a lot of cardinals on my run today. I seem to be seeing them more and more again as the youngsters are out of the nest. And the baby osprey is getting nearly as big as his parents, so I wonder how long they will stick around? It has been fun watching them this summer.

Tonight, believe it or not, the packing has begun! I already got a few boxes of things put away for my upcoming move, so I am bound and determined to get out of this place as soon as possible. Tomorrow I sign the lease on my new place, and I will be able to start moving on October 1st. Can’t wait! Hopefully, the pastures are greener.

Unrelated to anything, I saw this bizarre clip on ESPN. Who had the bright idea of giving the moose an ATV? :)

Until next time,

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