Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy day, speedy run

Do you ever have one of those days at work where it starts off fast and furious, and it just keeps compounding? That was my day today.

Without getting too specific, we had some consultants in the office this week helping us to prepare for some work with regulatory agencies, so I spent about 2 hours with them answering questions and receiving training. That, and I am covering for someone who is out of the office, so I had to keep up with those duties in addition to own. I felt drained by noon! I was glad to get out of there today.

In spite of my hectic day, I managed an excellent run when I got home. Sneering in the face of an 88 degree temperature with a sticky dewpoint in the upper 60’s, I ran strong and fast. Perhaps that was just my way of sorting through the day’s events, but it sure felt good!

Or maybe it was the new shoes? I finally laced up the pair of Brooks I bought a few weeks ago. New shoes always feel sweet! :)

As for wildlife, I still saw one of the ospreys soaring overhead, so they are still hanging around. I would imagine they will soon begin their journey south. My folks have been seeing tons of migrating warblers already, so I am hopeful that a few of those guys will make a stopover in my neighborhood before they head to their winter destination in the tropics.

Until next time,

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