Friday, August 17, 2007

Celebration time

It has been a crazy, busy week at the office, but it ended quite nicely. A project team I work with received some very good news, so there was an impromptu celebration held outside the office in one of the picnic areas, complete with some Champagne for a little toast. That was kind of cool, and a nice way to wrap up the week.

Mind you, I just had a small sip of bubbly, because I still had to run when I got home! It was really a gorgeous day. Low 70's and almost no humidity, so much cooler temperatures than we have been having. This made for a very comfortable run.

I just did my usual route and enjoyed the crisp, almost fall-like air. A few catbirds were flitting around in some shrubs, and I even scared up a green heron along a trail next to a swamp. It would seem that the ospreys might be out of there. Nobody hanging around by the nest anymore, so I wonder if they have begun their journey south? Anyhow, an enjoyable day to be outside!

Not much on my agenda this weekend. Tomorrow is a day off of running, which is probably OK since it is supposed to be quite rainy. It might be a good opportunity to get some packing done in preparation for the move (which is really only about 6 weeks away). Sunday morning I will do my long run for the weekend (and hey, the marathon is only 30 days away!).

Until next time,

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