Thursday, August 09, 2007

A little heat, a little osprey, and a little help

The heat was on today in the metro, along with some humidity. 92 degrees with a pretty good breeze that felt a little like a blast furnace!

The run was tougher today, but I ran easy on account of the heat. Days like this are difficult, but you always feel great when you are done! Just the usual route, nothing crazy.

The baby osprey has left the nest! There was nobody in it when I ran by this afternoon, so the little guy has taken flight. They are still around though, because I heard the familiar peeping sound, so I would imagine they will be hanging around until the season changes. But it was fun to see him grow up. Good luck, little buddy! :)

I was really touched by a story on the local news about a gentleman who was involved in the 35W bridge collapse last week, and I thought I would share that story here. His name is Marcelo Cruz, a jewelry repair man and stone setter at a jewelry store in the Twin Cities. Marcelo is in a wheelchair, and he was on the bridge when it went down. He purposefully crashed his wheelchair-accessible van into the cement barrier to prevent from going over the edge (check out this video from FOX 9 to see how close he was to the edge).

So his wrecked van is still sitting on the bridge more than a week later. Inside of the van is Marcelo's racing wheelchair. He is a 9-time marathoner currently in training for the Twin Cities Marathon this fall, and he has been unable to train since the incident. A local bank has set up a trust fund to help him out with getting a new van and a new wheelchair so he can resume his training. You can click this link to find out more information about the fund if you are interested.

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