Saturday, August 11, 2007

A long, humid run

Another good long run this morning. I put in just over 16 miles. The run was somewhat challenging, as the temperatures were getting warm (74 degrees), and the humidity was high (67 degree dewpoint).

I took off just before daybreak after some storms rumbled through. so I was treated to a pretty impressive lightning show to the south and east. My pace was steady, just sort of an easy “cruise control” speed so as not to burn myself out too early.

On the east side of Turtle Lake, I could not believe the traffic! I am so used to not seeing anybody at this time of day on a weekend. But here it was a little after 6 AM, and there was an absolute parade of cars streaming down Hodgeson Road. Turns out the Turtleman Triathlon was taking place today, and Turtle Lake Park was already packed! Their running route shared some of my route, but I would be long gone by the time the running portion of the race started.

I saw a lot of wildlife today. The kingfisher was sitting on a powerline, intently watching the creek for prey. I saw the swans out on the lake with three of their rather large children in tow (I am unsure if they are tundra or trumpeter swans because they are too far away). There was a Cooper’s hawk being chased by a crow. And I even saw a black phase gray squirrel.

The run was pretty challenging with all the humidity (I don’t like humidity!). But I kept shuffling along and eventually wrapped it up in about 2 hours and 40 minutes, so it was an OK pace for a long training run.

Afterwards, I ran errands, did some shopping, and treated myself to a little lunch at Wagner’s Drive In in St. Louis Park. A really excellent California cheeseburger, with a bit of nostalgia at an old time drive in. How could a summer day be any better? :)

My California cheeseburger at Wagner’s Drive In

Until next time,

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