Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Of meetings and fall migrations

Meetings, meetings, meetings...this week has been nothing but meetings. Get this; I had nothing on Monday, and (so far) nothing this coming Friday. But from Tuesday through Thursday I have fourteen meetings scheduled! Good grief. Sometimes I wonder where we actually find time to get stuff done. Of course, you know the old saying about meetings! :)

Anyhow, there is more rain in our forecast for tonight and tomorrow, but today remained dry. It was about 75 degrees, somewhat overcast, and still fairly humid.

Another good run this afternoon, and less bugs to deal with! I went 6 miles tonight just to get a little extra time on the trail. I ran easier today than I did yesterday, keeping things at a comfortable pace.

I saw a sure sign of fall today. There was a northern flicker (a.k.a. “yellow-shafted” flicker) sitting in an open area along the trail’s edge. Starting about this time of year, you will start to see these guys gathering along the edges of roads and paths looking for ants as they make their journey south for the winter. I also saw many songbirds, as well as a Cooper’s hawk that swooped down from a tree right over my head! A good time to be a bird watcher right now.

Until next time,

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