Sunday, August 19, 2007

Play Misty For Me

The Twin Cities has finally been getting that much needed rain. The last two days have been rather wet. In my neighborhood, the rains have been of the good, gentle soaking variety. However, there has been some terrible flooding in SE Minnesota as a result of this system. Some areas received as much as 12 inches of rain. That is absolutely insane! Out hearts go out to the folks down there.

For this morning’s long run, I was treated to cool mist. Low hanging clouds blanketed the area, so thick that I was not able to see the tops of the radio towers in Shoreview. The temperature was around 59, so it was almost ideal for running.

According to my Internet mapping tool, I did 18.2 miles today, although I am utterly convinced that it was much longer than that. I found myself slightly lost in a park trail system that I was unfamiliar with, so I was twisting and turning every which way, eventually finding my way out into familiar territory. That portion of my run was impossible to plot out on the map! And, this 18 mile training run took about 10 minutes longer than a previous 18 mile training run, and I wasn’t that slow today! :) Whatever the case, it was a good run. One more week of hard training, and I can begin my taper.

I saw 17 cottontail rabbits on the run, so the bunny-per-mile ratio is dropping. We were down to 0.93 BPM today! The ospreys are indeed still here, although not in their nest. The mom and pop were circling over the park, no doubt getting Junior acclimated to the wild. And I saw some Nashville warblers along the wooded trails. My Mom and Dad have been seeing them in droves at their place up north, so they have started working their way south for the migration.

Not much on the agenda today. Looks like NASCAR might get rained out (it is in Michigan, and they are dealing with the same weather we had), so I might have to force myself to watch golf, even though my fantasy league golfer (Brett Quigley) hacked miserably and missed the cut! :) I am also making a chicken stir-fry for tonight, so I have plenty of chopping to do.

Until next time,

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