Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ready to run, and a sobering day

I didn't run for the last two days for three reasons; one, I tweaked some muscles in my lower back. Actually, kind of where your butt muscles meet your lower back ("butt muscles"…can you tell I didn't major in biology?). I was a little stiff from my long run on Sunday, plus I probably shouldn't have run the following day, which exacerbated things a little bit. Two, yesterday when I went to the St. Paul Saints game, I had to park nearly two miles away (I'm not exaggerating) because they have hardly any freakin' parking around Midway Stadium! So I got in a really good long walk to and from my car, which I actually think was very helpful for my stiffness. And three, it was like 95 degrees, hot, sticky, and disgusting outside!

My Dad, the old coach, gave me some stretching tips to isolate the stiffness and loosen things up, which has been helping greatly (thanks Dad!). I had a nice run after work this evening. The usual route, nice and easy, and the stiffness is beginning to dissipate. Hopefully this will have me in fine shape for the race this weekend.

Anyhow, back to the Saints game; I am not a big fan of baseball in the least, but it was fun. It is almost a carnival atmosphere at these games, and they have all kinds of crazy contests going on between innings. Also, the guy announcing the game was hilarious. I have never been to a game where the announcer openly razzes the other team. When the other team was up to bat, he would announce the batter and say something like, "Representing the second out of the inning,…" Or when the second baseman threw out a guy at first, "I am kinda surprised he could throw it that far!" It was all in fun. Plus, the game was a hit-fest, and the Saints won it 10-9 in the bottom of the 9th. Good times.

Not to conclude on a somber note, but if your were anywhere near a TV or on an internet news site, you undoubtedly heard about the Interstate bridge collapse in Minneapolis. The national media has descended upon us like vultures to cover this tragedy, so Minnesota is all over the news right now.

Everyone I know personally who travels that way is fine. The closest call I heard of was a coworker of mine who crossed the bridge at 5:58 PM. The bridge collapsed shortly after 6 PM. I don't get down that way much, but I did cross that bridge a couple times when I went to my meetings downtown a few weeks ago. It is an area I have never liked driving through.

Things very surreal in the Twin Cities right now, and this incident seems to have brought out the best in people. The response from the rescue workers has been, by all accounts, phenomenal, and I am always amazed at what kind of person it takes to run towards danger when everyone else is running from it. Amazing stories of heroism are emerging from the scene of the accident, as well as selfless acts of generosity. Even in the office, we got several e-mails from colleagues in other locations checking on all of us to see that we were OK.

To those who have lost loved ones, or who were directly involved in this horrible accident, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Until next time,

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