Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer storms

Holy cow, did we have some wild thunderstorms move through the metro last night! About 9:30 PM, it started pouring down rain and hail (with “golf ball sized” reported in my neighborhood), and the wind was blowing like crazy. It was one of the more severe storms I have seen in some time.

This afternoon on my run (a comfortable 83 degrees and less humid), I got to see what the storm left in its wake. I was pleasantly surprised that not many trees were taken out, which is good. The roads and trails were covered with leaves and twigs that were ripped down by the hail, and there were a number of trucks in the neighborhood emblazoned with the names of roofing and siding companies, obviously inspecting homes for damage. Many people were out raking, and the leaf blowers were humming, cleaning up the debris. As wild as it was, I was glad to see that the area appears to be in relatively good shape.

As for my run, it was a good one. I did 5 1/2 miles at an easier pace than yesterday. It felt great, and I appreciated the cooler day.

Tomorrow is a day off from running, and I even get to go out to dinner. Several of my team members are heading out for some Italian food for a work-related celebration, so I would imagine it will be fun. And hey, it’s free! :)

Until next time,

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