Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bright as yellow

It is astonishing how quickly the leaves start turning in the fall. Just this weekend, I talked about how the colors were just starting to appear. A few days later, they are really starting to pop out. The trees are getting very pretty.

Bright yellow fall colors

Today was a much more comfortable day to run as well. 58 degrees, overcast, and cool. I felt fantastic, and ran well. I did 5 1/2 miles this afternoon and had a fun time on the trails.

Blue jays continue to fly through here in droves, and I even saw one of our resident red bellied woodpeckers flying around the neighborhood.

Tonight really marks the start of the new TV season for me. Although, I must say I am a little upset. Two of my regular shows, ”Bones” and ”NCIS,” are now on opposite each other! Ugh. That means I am subject to a full season of having to record one of them and watch the other. How come nobody ever consults me on these things?

Until next time,

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