Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A fall crispness, a couple birds, and hugs at work

Today, it officially started to feel like fall; barely 60 degrees, and a wild wind out of the northwest. Now this is football weather! I had the day off from running, but I did get out yesterday to do my normal weekday route. I felt very strong and ran a solid pace. Monday was a crisp day as well, but not nearly as cool. But still, very favorable for running. I love this time of year.

During my run, I encountered a green heron sitting on the edge of a pond. He was doing his routine where he stood completely motionless in hopes I would not see him...but I did! And, I saw one of the ospreys still hanging around. Soon all of our summer birds will be out of here.

I really don't share my running exploits with many of my coworkers because I don't think most of them are interested. Anyone who asks, I will discuss it, but I rarely volunteer anything. But there are a few people who know about my upcoming race and have been helping me count down the days.

One of my friends, Sara, is a runner who has done marathons and coached track. We used to work in the same department, but a couple of years ago she transferred to another group, so I don't see her nearly as much as I used to. Anyhow, I ran into her today when I was grabbing my lunch and told her I was doing a marathon this weekend.

Her face just lit up. She gave me a huge hug right there in the breakroom and said "Oh my gosh, you are going for it!" It was very cute. She wished me well, gave me a few tips, and wants to hear all about it. Almost two years ago after I ran my first half marathon, she is the one who gave me the encouragement to do a full one. "Just a few more long training runs," she told me. :)

Well, here we are, four days away from the full one! It is coming up quickly.

Until next time,

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