Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A fantastic fall day

With only three days left at my current job, a group of friends at the office took me to Panino’s in North Oaks for lunch today. Great little restaurant, serving a multitude of different grilled flatbread sandwiches. I had the “Sicilian.” Yum! A very nice treat from my coworkers! They are a great group, and I will miss working with them.

Since I did not have a scheduled run today, I had the good intention of coming home and doing a little packing in anticipation of my move. However, in looking around the place, I have made more progress than I had originally thought. With that, I decided very quickly to forget about packing for the meantime and to go outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

The temperature was in the high 60’s with wispy clouds and a great, fall crispness in the air. Arguably, one of the nicest days of the year. I went for a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood in lieu of a run.

Amazingly, I only met three other people my whole time on the trails. How can people pass up a day like this to be out and about? The trails were all mine.

The fall colors continue to emerge at a rapid rate. Some pretty reds are starting to blend with all of the yellows. It is easy to see why this is a favorite time of year for many Minnesotans.

Signs of fall along the trail

Lots of birds today as well. Similar to previous days, there were many flocks of sparrows, and large numbers of blue jays continue their journey south. But today was a great hawk day. Not only did I see the neighborhood osprey, but I rustled up a pair of red-tailed hawks that were sitting in a treetop on the trail’s edge. They were enormous! And later on during my walk, a pair of bald eagles passed overhead. One of them was even doing the classic, high-pitched eagle whistle. Awesome!

What a fantastic fall day in Minnesota. Time to open a bottle of wine, throw open the windows, enjoy the cool, crisp air while watching a little TV, and to save the remainder of the packing for another day! :)


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