Thursday, September 06, 2007

Football season is upon us

A warm and humid afternoon down here. A sunny 87 degrees and humid...yuck! It is worth pointing out that during my last run up at Mom and Dad’s, it was 30 degrees cooler and overcast! :)

This afternoon I ran just a little more than 5 miles at a relatively easy pace. The heat and the humidity were definitely energy sappers today, and I was a sweaty, soaked mess by the time I was done. A good and productive run. The taper is going fine, and I am trying to keep patient. It is so tempting to want to do more, but I have to remember this is part of the preparation.

Kind of strange that football season starts tonight. I always associate football with cool, crisp weather and leaves turning colors, and here it feels like July!

Whatever the case, I am deliriously excited for the start of the NFL season tonight because 1.) I love football, 2.) I am in a fantasy football league, and 3.) I am also in a weekly pick ‘em league through KQRS in an attempt to kick Stretch’s butt! Tonight the players I am watching with great interesting include Reggie Bush, Dallas Clark, and Olindo Mare. Score lots of points, gents! :)

Until next time,

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