Friday, September 28, 2007

Gainfully unemployed

Today was my last day at the old job! And it was actually a fairly crazy one, too. A lot of trying to sew up some loose ends, trying to make sure I left everything in good shape for those taking over. Aside from a slight bureaucratic run-around involving some documentation, it was a good day, though.

I was a kind sad to be saying farewell to some of my coworkers. One of them even brought in homemade apple crisp (oh my gosh, it was yummy!) for my last day! While it was somewhat bittersweet, I know I will be staying in touch. They are a great group of people who I have a lot of respect for, and we will be seeing each other again; just not as frequently!

So for the next five days, I am officially unemployed! However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be working. I can start moving into my new apartment on Monday, so I have this weekend to get ramped up. Then I can spend three days transporting some of my crap over to the new place before reporting to the new job on Thursday. My work is cut out for me, but I am getting excited.

What a spectacular day weather wise. Upper 60’s, no humidity, bright sun, and crisp air. I took advantage by doing my afternoon run, which was very liberating, given the closure today brought for me. The old job is done and in the past. Now I can just focus on the road ahead. A pretty happy guy, I clipped along on the roads and trails in my neighborhood at a solid pace.

A lot of packing and cleaning is in store for the next couple days, but I will be sure to mix in some football, good food, and running as well. After all, moving sucks, so you have to have some fun, right? :)

By the way, Toby won the Dunder Mifflin 5k last night. Michael did not fare quite as well.

Getting ready to toss some boxes around,

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