Sunday, September 23, 2007

The leaves, they are a-changin’

There was a fall-like crispness in the air on Saturday morning. I grabbed my camera and took it will me on my run.

Rice Creek, with a layer of mist

As I noted in and earlier post, the signs of fall are popping up everywhere. You are starting to see some colors emerging in the leaves on the trees. We still have a lot of green, but the change of season is beginning.

A touch of red

Most noticeably, the sumac bushes and the soft maples appear to be the first to make the transition. They are the ones showing the most color at this point. The season is nowhere near peak as far as the colors are concerned, so the scenery should be getting even prettier over the coming weeks.

A small maple showing some colors

As for my run, it was a gorgeous morning. I ended up doing a lazy 10 miles (lazy in the sense that I ran an easy pace and stopped a lot to take pictures!). A full week after the marathon, and I feel great.

The temperature was in the upper 40’s, so it was just ideal, and right on the cusp of needed a little more than the tank top and shorts, but still comfortable once I got going. Still, I encountered a number of other runners wearing jackets, tights, even one guy wearing stocking caps and gloves. Hey, we still have a way to go before we will be needing that kind of attire! :)

I haven’t done too much over the weekend. Mostly, I have been packing and getting ready for my move. Progress has been made, and I don’t feel like doing much today except for cooking a little dinner, watching some NASCAR, as well as viewing the Vikings game. And after watching the Gophers football game on ESPN2, I was able to practice my expressions such as “What on earth are you doing?!?” and “Why would you call THAT play?”, so I should be all tuned up to watch the purple and gold stumble around on the field this afternoon! ;-)

Until next time,

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