Saturday, September 29, 2007

Living in squalor, part 2

Less than a year ago, I was in the process of moving. Today, I am in the process of doing it all over again! Ugh...

I have been packing and lifting many boxes. The apartment is a complete disaster area. I disassembled my kitchen table and have been stacking boxes in the dining room area just to get them out of the way. As you can see, I am having fun!

The Happy Mover!

And as annoying as packing is, to make matters worse, the smoke detector in my apartment decided today would be a fin opportunity to start beeping every freakin’ minute to let me know the backup battery is shot. Of course, there isn’t a 9-volt battery to be found anywhere in this place (and if there was, I would have no idea where I packed it!). Thankfully, the caretaker was here this afternoon and was able to bail me out. Now all is well.

But not all is work, and not all is annoying. I managed to sneak out for lunch. Because by next weekend, I will be officially living in the west metro, I decided to venture east to a place I probably will not be getting to very often, barring a road trip.

My “Mushroom & Swiss Meisterburger” at Meisters Bar & Grill

I went to Meisters Bar & Grill in the town of Scandia, MN. Meisters is a great little bar with even better burgers (and real, homemade fries!). Today I had the “Mushroom & Swiss Meisterburger,” and it was absolutely awesome.

The day was kind of crummy and overcast, but that didn’t stop me from snapping a few photos of this quaint village that is steeped in Swedish tradition.

The grounds of the Gammelgården Museum, Scandia, MN

The grounds of the Gammelgården Museum were looking particularly pretty with the changing leaves. Scandia was the first Swedish settlement in Minnesota, and this museum serves to preserve Swedish immigrant history and demonstrate what the lives of the early settlers were like.

The historic Hay Lake School near Scandia

And, there is a beautifully preserved, one-room schoolhouse near Scandia called the Hay Lake School. It was built in 1896, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

(I am just brimming with knowledge today, aren’t I?)

Anyhow, that enough packing and moving preparation for today. Tonight will consist of a relaxing dinner, and a potentially humorous football game between the powerful Ohio State Buckeyes and the hapless Golden Gophers of Minnesota. Could be interesting.

Knee deep in boxes,

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