Monday, September 24, 2007

Return to summer, and some good cooking

Some unseasonable warmth has been thrust upon us today. 83 degrees, with a hefty dose of humidity. Ugh! It feels like July. And it made for tougher running.

I did the usual route today, and it felt somewhat labored with the heat and humidity. It was only about 35 degrees cooler when I last went running on Saturday morning! But I managed just fine. Sometimes runs like that are more satisfying because they are more difficult.

There were a number of birds today, and it continues to look like fall (even though it didn’t feel like it!). Countless blue jays are on the move, as are flocks of cute little song sparrows as well. And it seems like the color of the leaves have intensified, even since yesterday. A great time of year!

Changing gears completely, I got an opportunity to get away from my packing and moving preparation and cooked some mighty fine dishes over the weekend.

Mom had given me some great tomatoes and hot peppers when I saw them the previous weekend, so I decided to make a homemade salsa. One thing I did not realize was that the blender had already been packed away in a box underneath a pile of boxes! So this salsa was chopped by hand (which was made for great texture!). Anyhow, the salsa was a great topping for some simple beef and bean tacos. Fantastic football-watching fare!

Beef and bean soft tacos with homemade salsa

And, my brother had recently given me a pheasant, so I decided to go Italian and make a pheasant cacciatora with it. The sauce was loaded with olives, garlic, fresh rosemary, mushrooms, and fantastic chunks of flavorful pheasant. A wonderful dish, if I do say so myself!

A delicious and rich pheasant cacciatora

As I type this, dinner time is approaching. Thank goodness, because all this food talk is making me hungry! :)

Getting ready for leftover tacos,

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