Monday, October 29, 2007

1170 and beyond

So in 2006, I ran a total of 1170 miles for the year. On Saturday's run, I have already passed that mark for 2007! Training for a marathon over the summer really ramps up the mileage in a hurry!

I just got in from my morning run. It was very mild out there with temps in the mid 40's. I think we are supposed to see highs in the 60's over the next couple of days. Excellent running weather right now.

I had a fun weekend. Saturday night, I went to a surprise birthday party for my buddy Brett who turned 40 (happy birthday, Brett!). It was a nice time with some great wine and assorted finger foods. A great night with friends.

Yesterday was pretty much spent watching the Vikings lose, watching my fantasy football team get crushed, and watching another predictable ending to a NASCAR race (getting a little tired of seeing the #48 car in victory lane!). But I did cook up a really tasty Thai chicken stir-fry with rice stick noodles.

Thai ginger chicken with rice stick noodles...yummy!

Until next time,

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