Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Just had to share a really fun finding from today.

Meet “Bun.” (That is short for “Bunny”) He is my very first stuffed animal that I have had ever since I was a little kid. Bun went with me everywhere, traversed the country on various family vacations, and was my equivalent of Linus' blanket.

My buddy Bun

Imagine my surprise when I opened a box at my old apartment and there was Bun staring at me. My own little Velveteen Rabbit, he is still along for the ride! What a treat it was to find him today. I laughed out loud. Bun is now sitting on my mantle. A fantastic pick-me-up on a busy day.

This morning started off with a 5 mile run in the new neighborhood. I got to see the sun rise over a local lake as I ran along the bike trail. Spectacular! There are countless trails and parks to run on and through, so I will have fun exploring.

After that, it was back to the old place. I spent the better part of the day packing up some remaining items, and doing a LOT of cleaning. After having breathed in enough Windex, 409, and Kaboom tub and tile cleaner fumes to kill a small horse, the place is looking rather nice. Once I move the big items out this weekend, I will run the vacuum, sweep the floors, and I should be DONE!

Tonight I had dinner at a local Thai restaurant, Sawatdee. The ginger stir-fry with chicken was excellent. Following that, I made my first trip to Trader Joe's. I am going to like this place! I bought some lobster ravioli, pasta sauce, cashews, olive oil, a couple of cheeses, some salami made with Pinot Grigio, and bread. I had no list, I was just grabbing stuff that looked good. I can see myself becoming a regular here. And I didn't even get over to the wine section of the store! ;-)

Tomorrow I begin my new job, and I am pretty excited. The last few weeks have been completely nuts, and this is the last of the "new" things that will be happening for awhile. And that is fine. As fun as it has been, I look forward to settling down!

Until next time,

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