Friday, October 05, 2007

Getting settled

This is awesome...

Following my posting of the picture of “Bun” below, my Dad found some much older pictures of of me and my stuffed friend. Here is a shot of me, my brother Brett, and the infamous Bun from perhaps 1973!

Wasn’t I a cute kid? What happened? :)

It has been quite a week. Monday through Wednesday involved nothing but moving. Thursday and Friday I started my new job. Thus far, I am deliriously excited. The people I have met have been incredibly welcoming, helpful, and kind, and I think I will greatly enjoy working with them. The work itself will be dynamic, changing, and challenging, which I think will be quite rewarding. My drive to work is even pretty good. This could be an excellent change for me.

Tomorrow my buddies are helping me with my furniture, and after a quick sweep of the place, I should be completely done with the old joint. So far I am loving my new place, and my new neighborhood. (And I have already been to Trader Joe’s twice!) And I am greatly looking forward to getting the rest of my junk here so I can have a table, a real bed, the rest of my cookware, and last but not least, a TV! :) I can’t wait to watch football this weekend.

No run today, but I did run yesterday before work. The same route as Wednesday, but in reverse. I got to see the sun rise over the lake once again, and I rousted numerous bunnies and a couple of deer. I even met a few other runners, so I think there is a pretty good running scene up here.

While it has been a fairly exhausting week, it has been great. Lots of changes, but soon I will be settled in. It feels great to be back on the west side of the metro.

Until next time,

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