Saturday, October 27, 2007

A lovely fall day, and a shout out to "Fred"

This is a fantastic time of year in Minnesota. I love the cooler temperatures and the change of seasons.

I went for a 6 1/2 mile run this morning around the lake. Very nice! It was about 37 degrees and quite crisp, making it pleasant for running. There were a number of ducks out on the lake. Most were mallards, but there were three hooded mergansers mixed in with them.

Following the run, it was time to do the grocery shopping and run some errands. That also meant I could go out for some lunch! Today I stopped in at Joe Senser's in Plymouth. For those who are unfamiliar with Minnesota Vikings history, Joe was one of the great Viking players from back in the late 70's and early 80's, and he has a small chain of impressive sports bars around the metro. Anyhow, I had a "Cajun Burger" which was roughly the size of my head! It was excellent, but really, that is an awful lot of food for one person. I will be eating light this evening! :)

The enormous "Cajun Burger" at Joe Senser's

And in local news, I am not sure how long this story will remain posted (since the Star-Tribune loves to remove stories after awhile), but I am a little upset about this. There was a wild turkey roaming around up in Maple Grove that was reportedly "causing problems." (And let us make it clear what exactly these so-called "problems" were..occasionally slowing down traffic, and chasing the geese, mail carriers, and UPS trucks!)

Obviously, he (the bird, named "Fred") was smarter that most of his pursuers, because Maple Grove's Finest were unable to catch, trap, or snare him. So what did they do? They called in the Minnesota DNR to shoot him!

Now, here is why I'm pissed; people are paving over the whole metro area, and these birds and animals have nowhere to go. Then, when someone has to stop because there is a turkey in the road, they call the police. What?!?

Really, what problems is a wild turkey going to cause? You know, I will bet he was going to break into the local businesses to steal their copper wiring. On second thought, I'll bet he was selling crack to school children! Good grief, don't we have bigger problems than wild turkeys? Can't we enjoy having these unique birds in our backyards, and maybe try to make room for them, too?

Apparently not, because Buffy and her minivan full of snot-nosed kids are on their way to day care. She is late for work and STILL still had to make her stop at Starbucks for her $4 latte, but she's being slowed down because this damn turkey is in the road!

Sorry, Fred.

Until next time,

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