Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It is starting to feel a little bit like a home around here. I got a few things put away, and the living room is actually starting to look somewhat livable! See?

I just got done running what I think will become my usual route. It was a comfortable 52 degrees, although fairly windy. The route is kind of hilly, and it takes me through a residential area before turning onto the trails where it goes past a pretty lake. Very nice.

I wore the headlamp today, as it was dark when I started. What is kind of cool about the headlamp is that it serves as sort of a small spotlight. So when you encounter a deer, you can see their glowing eyes when they look at you! So yes, I saw a little deer this morning. And a bunny. And only two other people in the entire 5 miles. Awesome!

Hats off to anybody who finished the Twin Cities Marathon this past weekend. By all accounts, it was brutal, and once news station reported that they were only a degree or two from shutting it down like they did in Chicago. Wow! I could barely handle my 8 mile run that morning. Can’t imagine trying to tack on another 18.2 in that heat and humidity!

Until next time

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