Saturday, October 20, 2007

TAG: I am a runner because...

All right, Rick at 365me tagged me, so I need to respond to the following:

I am a runner because...

-(If I may shamelessly steal a line from Sir Roger Bannister) it is fun, and I cannot help myself
-I love to pass guys much younger than me during races
-it give me a good excuse to explore new cities and places
-running has made me realize the importance of setting goals
-I like all of the geeky technical clothing they make for runners!
-runners are sexy (I'm talking about the women here, and not myself!)
-it give me a feeling that I have accomplished something on my own
-runners need fuel, and it gives me an excuse eat good food! :)
-I love race T-shirts!
-running has made me a better person

That was fun! I will now tag off to Jean at See Jean Run. Feel free to play along if you wish! :)

On another note, I have returned from the Big Woods Half Marathon! It was an absolutely gorgeous day after a murky and wet week (foreshadowing alert), so the race was not exactly as expected. But it turned out fantastic nonetheless. Full report coming soon!

Until next time,

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