Tuesday, October 02, 2007

West sider

(Tap..tap..tap...) Is this thing on?!?

I am writing to you from my new place in the west metro. I have no furniture, no TV, nothing in the fridge except for Coke Zero, four cans of Guinness and six bottles of Bell’s Octoberfest (not that I am complaining), and my computer is set up on a bunch of boxes. I have an inflatable bed that I bought at Gander Mountain, so I am staying here tonight as well. No more living in the NE metro! I am a west-sider once again!

The last couple of days have been exhausting. The Silver Hornet has made several trips across the city to haul countless boxes to my new pad. I have made fantastic progress, and with the exception of a few smaller items, the only stuff that remains is the big stuff, which my friends are coming to help with on Saturday. The guy from Comcast was here today to get my cable and internet going (no small feat, since the girl who set up the service apparently screwed up the directions, so the tech had to start from scratch), but all seems to be well.

The new apartment is sweet. I think I am going to like it here. The people I have run into have been nice, the management has been fantastic, and the neighborhood is beautiful. It is pretty neat the the people who built this had the foresight to leave the forest in the courtyard, so it feels like you are living in the woods. Not bad! Below are some pictures to show you my new digs.

The living room

The view from my deck, with fall colors in full swing

My fireplace! I've never had one of these before! :)

This evening I did a little shopping to pick up a few essential items, and had dinner at Claddagh. The shepherd’s pie was mighty tasty, and it felt good just to sit down! Tomorrow morning I think I will check out some of the running trails before I head back over to the old place for some more packing and cleaning. And Thursday, I start my new job! Wow. All of this has been very exciting, but part of me is looking forward to some normalcy! :)

Until next time,

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