Friday, October 12, 2007

Winds of change

Our weather has definitely taken a turn towards to colder end of the spectrum. Remember last Sunday when I was complaining about the heat and humidity? Well, those days are over! This week has been blustery (VERY blustry!), and chilly, with highs not making it out of the 50's.

In fact, on one of my morning runs this week, I had to break out the tights, hat, and gloves because the temperature was below 40! And I even saw a few snow flurries. Yikes!

But the running has been good. I have the cooler weather to thank for that, I think. I am enjoying my neighborhood, and my routes. Deer and/or bunnies have consistently come out to greet me, too.

The new job continues to go well. This was my first full week, and while there has been a lot to learn and absorb, I think I am picking things up fairly quickly.

What is on my agenda this weekend? I am happy to say, since the move is complete, virtually nothing! On Saturday, I am going back to my old apartment complex to turn in my keys and sign whatever forms need to be signed, and I will be done with that dump for good. Otherwise, the weekend will consist of three things; 1., a long-ish run on Saturday morning, 2., lots of football, and 3., lots of NASCAR! As I am finished with the "new" stuff in my life for the time being, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend of goofing off and not doing much productive! J

Until next time,

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