Friday, December 14, 2007

Change in channels

A very busy week with a lot to do at work; but hey, it is the weekend!

And it is really my last weekend before my Christmas vacation starts. I will be heading up to the North Country this coming Thursday for an extended holiday, and I can't wait. That does mean that I have quite a bit to do this weekend, particularly in terms of last minute shopping. Plus, I should do laundry, buy some groceries, and pretty much get things in order for the week to come. I'm also looking forward to doing some running tomorrow and Sunday. Saturday morning is supposed to be bitterly cold again, so it should be perfect running weather! :)

I noticed recently that my channel lineup has changed somewhat in recent days. I now have the Food Network HD channel, so I can now watch Giada and Alton in high-def. Woohoo!

Also, I am getting some channel called Universal HD. They show a mishmash of TV shows, sports, and movies like "D.C. Cab" and "Meatballs II." It is something like what I had in mind for the JeanTV network I want to launch, but a little more classy. They manage to sneak in the occasional, honest-to-goodness classic, such as "The Day of the Jackal," for instance, whereas I just want to show the obscure comedies and TV shows that left before their time. My dream is still alive! :)

Whatever the case, my HD options are expanding, and that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

Until next time,

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