Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas baking!

Christmas is getting really close. And it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't do a little baking!

This week, my office is having a cookie baking contest. Today I prepared my entry; dark chocolate chip-toffee-M&M drop cookies.

Danger: Loaded With Chocolate!

I used dark chocolate chips, M&M's (also of the dark chocolate variety), and little chopped of bits of Heath English toffee bars. The cookies are fantastic, and I am going to have to hide them from myself so I don't eat the all before the contest! :)

I went running on both Saturday and today. Saturday was pretty brisk again with a temperature of 0 degree, but it was ever so calm. I put in 7 miles, saw chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and even a pileated woodpecker. There were a couple of human signs of life as well; a lady walking a black lab, and I met one runner. I greeted the runner, both of us with our facemasks and hats completely frosted over. Choosing to put a positive spin on the weather, he said to me, "Hey, at least it's not windy, right?":) I love running in this stuff.

Today I put in a little over 5 miles at a much warmer 16 degrees. Some flurries from overnight had slightly dusted parts of the trail, but no significant accumulation. I had solid footing all the way around. The only living thing I saw was a deer I startled when rounding a corner.

I hit a significant milestone on Saturday. I surpassed 1300 miles for the year! While I had already run further than I ever have in any year before, 1300 is a nice even number and one that I wanted to pass before year's end.

Today, in addition to baking cookies, I have been watching football and wrapping Christmas presents. Yesterday I got the last of my shopping sone (thank goodness). Speaking of shopping, I drove by the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in hopes of hitting the bookstore, and there was not a place to park. People were parked all the way out in the outer ring of the parking lots, and cars were lined up to get into the complex. This is insane!

Shopping online next year,

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