Saturday, December 01, 2007

First snow of the season

Yes sir, we've got a winter storm on our hands!

The view from my deck

It is hard to say for sure how much we have because of all the blowing and drifting, but after looking at the parking lot, it appears there might be a couple of inches or so. They are still insisting we will have 6 - 10 inches when all is said and done, so we will see. Certainly not the most powerful storm I have seen, but a pretty darned good one for the first of the season.

I actually like being snowed in on weekends in the winter. It kind of takes the pressure off for finding things to do! And, it gives you a great excuse to sit around, watch football, cook, and update the template for your blog (do you like the new look?)

But before the snow started flying, I went for my run early this morning. 8 1/2 miles, which is the longest I have gone in well over 6 weeks. The run was a little slow going, but it was comfortable. The temperature was only around 15 degrees, but that is why they invented things like ski masks, Thinsulate gloves, and winter running tights! :) A nice run around the lake (which, of course, was frozen over).

Following the run, I walked over to a nearby grocery store to pick up some spur of the moment cooking supplies (because hey, being snowed in is a perfect excuse to make beef jerky on the food dehydrator!). By the time I exited the store at around 9 AM, the flurries were coming down!

So here I am. The Army-Navy game just wrapped up, and there is football on the rest of the day. Homemade burritos are on the menu this evening. Otherwise, I am just going to sit by the fireplace and watch the snowflakes come down.

Reporting from a winter wonderland,

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