Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Two months, and four days...

...that is how long it took to get all the administrative stuff from my move straightened out. I've been waiting to get everything resolved until I posted about this just so I could unleash it all in one big bitch session, because this is positively unbelievable. Here is a list of everything that got screwed up through the process of moving, in no particular order:

1. I updated my new address online with my bank. At a later date when I had to call them to order checks, the addresses did not get tied to all of my accounts, even though I am certain I did it correctly.

2. When you cancel your phone service, your phone company is supposed to notify your long distance carrier that service has been stopped. That never happened, because last week I got a bill from my former long distance carrier (even though my phone service was turned off two months ago).

3. Given that I started a new job, I wanted to take my 401k and do a rollover. One of my 401k accounts would not send the check directly to my new fund, so they had to send it to me. This got returned to them because they had my old address. It would seem the post office apparently would not forward this, even though I registered a change of address and was getting other forwarded mail. Yesterday I finally received the check to give to my financial advisor.

4. The management of my new apartment does the courtesy of notifying the power company to get billing set up for new residents. Shortly thereafter, I received a confirmation letter from the power company that listed an old address that I had years ago (which was the last time I had an account with this particular power company). I had to call them to verify they had my current address. On top of that, I called them again last week because, after living here for two months, I had yet to receive a bill. Something apparently got fouled up with the last resident at this address, so they never billed me.

5. Last week, I got a call from my old apartment manager. She said she sent me the check for the balance of my security deposit, but it got returned to them. Even though I had provided them with the correct new address when I moved out, she somehow managed to send it to a wrong one.

6. A couple of weeks ago, I got a letter from the State of Minnesota saying that I owed $5 for a "wheelage tax" on my car, a tax which was being levied by Anoka, Washington, and Ramsey Counties. I found this interesting, since I live in Hennepin County. When you update your driver's license in Minnesota, it automatically should update your vehicle registration. After calling the DMV, it appears that that never happened, either. (But hey, now I don't owe $5!)

7. My cable provider completely screwed up the transfer of cable/internet service to my new place. Not only did the tech have problems with the installation because of the way the it was set up by the person I spoke with to arrange the transfer (a call which took 35 minutes, and I was put on hold four times), but I got double-billed at my new place, AND they never closed out my account at the old apartment (so I got a past due notice for $300+ at my old apartment). This only took me three different phone calls to resolve.

8. The only things that actually went smoothly were changing the address for my cell phone and my car payment.

As the late, great Peter Boyle would have said; "Holy crap!"

This is astonishing to me. As I told my Mom and Dad when all of this was transpiring, I'm not some deadbeat; I'm someone who is just trying to be responsible and pay his bills. How does such a high level of disorganization, incompetence, and horrible customer service keep these outfits in business? Moreover, I am just one person! How many other people have to go through this kind of garbage when they move? Wow.

Anyhow, enough about that. We are in the midst of a whole lot of snow. In fact, they sent us home early today because the commute was going to suck (and it did!). We are in line for 3-5 inches more today.

I tried going running on Tuesday and only made it 3 miles because the sidewalks and bike paths had not been plowed. So I was relegated to running around the neighborhood on some quiet, plowed streets. Today was much better. My routes were plowed, and I made it the usual 4 1/2. Those first runs on the snow are always a bit of a challenge. You need to get your "winter legs" back so you can get used to running on the snowy surfaces!

Things are definitely looking favorable in terms of a "white Christmas," as they say. :)

Until next time,

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