Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Warming up, looking ahead, and game shows

The weather has warmed up dramatically. It was actually 20 degrees when I went for my run this morning!

A recent plow job exposed some of the pavement on the bike path, which means I had solid footing for the first time in over a week. I felt downright speedy. Nice! The run today was a very good one. I even met three other runners, and two of them were wearing headlamps like mine. I would like to think of myself as a trend-setter in this regard… :)

Sunday's run was quite good as well. I decided to go out for a short 4 miler just so I could explore a little more of the trail I discovered on Saturday. It winds its way along a creek, through some woods, and over some wide open meadows and grassy areas. I saw no other people on this day (it was 4 degrees at the time), and the only signs of life were downy woodpeckers, gray squirrels, and three deer that I scared out of the creek bottom. This will become a regular route, I am certain.

I am starting to get excited because the local 2008 races calendars are starting to get populated with information. It is always kind if fun to look ahead to the local running events and trying to figure out what I want to do. I know I want to focus more on distance this year, do fewer short races, and hopefully run more races on trails. Time to start planning and setting some new goals!

Unrelated to anything, here the venison chili that I brewed up on Sunday; yum! This batch turned out excellent, with a pleasant heat level and a hint of sweetness. It was the perfect meal to enjoy on a cold Sunday afternoon while watching the Vikes beat the Niners (sorry, Rick!).

Fine football fare

Also unrelated to anything, I have been watching a fair amount of "Deal Or No Deal" lately, and there was a story in our local news about the show. Apparently, over 10,000 people showed up to audition for the show at a Twin Cities car dealership during our bitter cold weekend. Insane, isn't it? I will run in sub-zero temperatures, but not even the prospect of getting to meet the holder of Case #3 in person would be enough to get me to stand around in weather like that.

Running in the cold? Deal. Standing around in the cold? NO DEAL! :)

Until next time,

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