Thursday, December 06, 2007

Winter when it isn't even winter

I just returned from the official company "holiday happy hour!" It was held at Axel's Bonfire. Nice place, delicious appetizers, and the Guinness tasted mighty good. I had a good time getting to know some of my coworkers outside of the office setting. They are a fun group!

So far, I am finding this December to be a little bit challenging for running. Monday served up some unplowed sidewalks for me, and today, while the sidewalks were plowed, the street plows had thrown a bunch of chunked-up snow onto my path. There were areas where I had to stop and walk through, or in some case, hop over, because it was impossible to run. Ugh! Perhaps I should just start snowshoeing along my route? :)

I've had some interesting drives home from work, too. Tuesday was one of the worst rush hours I have ever seen. It took me an hour to get home from the office (a journey of only 13 miles, and I did not see a single snow plow). I take the back roads, and they were clogged by people trying to avoid the freeways, which by all accounts were parking lots. One of my coworkers was stuck on the road for 3 hours trying to get from the west metro over to St. Paul. Yikes! This winter is off to a quite a start; and it isn't even officially winter yet!

Speaking of snow plows, here is something that would only happen in Minnesota. Interestingly enough, I had similar thoughts on my Tuesday drive home, but as I said, no plows were in sight... ;-)

Until next time,

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