Thursday, January 03, 2008

Comic relief

It turns out I provide an endless amount of entertainment for my coworkers.

So yesterday a few of us closed the office and were heading out for the evening. We are walking through the lobby, and there are these knee-level "Caution: Slippery When Wet" signs in the middle of the hallways. Conversing with one of my cohorts and not paying attention to where was going, I plowed right through one of those suckers, tripping wildly and booting it down the hallway with my right knee. Somehow, I managed to stay upright. To make things even better, the signs are made of wood, not plastic. As the late, great Chris Farley would have said, "Son of a...That's going to leave a mark!"

We all had a good laugh about it, and one of the guys said he chuckled on his way in this morning when he saw the sign. I am sure there is a security guard somewhere who is showing the hidden camera footage to the morning shift as well.

A little bruise was not going to prevent me from going on my morning run, however! It was 18 degrees when I went out, but the wind was blowing extremely hard, producing a wind chill of 2 degrees, and making it hard to stand up in some spots. On the section where I run east and west, the crosswind almost knocked me down on one occasion! Crazy stuff. However, coming home was a breeze (pardon the pun). The wind was at my back for the last mile.

I've been kind of inundated with football this week. The BCS bowl games have been blowouts for the most part, but I was happy to see West Virginia win after their coach ditched them, and I was even happier to read that they made the interim coach the head coach. He seemed like a good guy.

Also, I am pleased to say I tapped the keg of Bell's ale that my brother and sister-in-law gave me. It is really cool and works like a charm. But as you can see, I need to work on my pouring technique.

A poor pour!

Until next time,

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