Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doing the math

This is as good a time as any to tell you I am kicking some major butt in fantasy golf. I am in two different leagues (what can I say, I am a geek!), and I am currently leading in both of them!. Of course, it is a long season, and of course, it helps when you pick Tiger and he wins. But hey, I will bask in fantasy golf glory as long as I possibly can!

We all know golf is a warm weather sport, and today is anything but. How about a little story about temperature swings?

On Saturday, January 19, I went running when it was -15 below zero. Last night, Monday, January 28, I went running when it was 39 degrees above zero. Even with my limited math skills, I know that is a 54 degree temperature difference! Isn’t that amazing? What a strange state Minnesota is!

Last night’s run was incredible. It was just my typical 4 1/2 miler and raining lightly at the time. But it felt downright warm! No need for multiple layers, so I had no restricted movement. I wore my road shoes for the first time in weeks, since all the snow had melted off the paths. What a treat to switch from the heavy trail shoes to a pair of light running shoes. I felt fast. And actually, I was fast! I clipped right along and generally enjoyed the mild evening, even scaring up a deer in the park. Good times!

And today we are swinging back to the negative side of zero again. The temperature has been falling like a rock all day, and the overnight lows are supposed to be in the double digits below zero with wind chills approaching -40 in the metro. As it is a scheduled day off from running, I will not need to subject myself to that sort of cold!

Cranking up the fireplace tonight,

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