Saturday, January 19, 2008

"It's a little cool!"

This morning, the Twin Cities woke up to -15 degrees with a -34 wind chill. Let's go running! :) I even brought my camera along to record some of the action.

An arctic sunrise over the lake

I didn't do anything crazy. No long weekend run today! I just ran one of my normal routes along the lake, putting in a little over 5 miles. As strange as it may sound, it wasn't all that unpleasant. Heck, even the tough little chickadees were flitting about in the shrubs along the way!

I was appropriately layered, had my full facemask, and even used my Buff around my neck for some added warmth. I wouldn't have wanted to be outside for a 2 hour run or anything, but it was enough to keep me comfortable for 5 miles! As you can plainly see, I got a little bit frosty.

The look of a runner at -15 degrees.

The comedic highlight of the run was the one, lone person I encountered on my journey. I was almost home and running though my neighborhood when I met a gentleman putting some mail in his mailbox. We exchanged "good mornings," and then he said:

"It's a little cool!"

Now THAT, my friends, is spoken like a true Minnesotan! We realize that as rough as the weather is, it could still be worse!

When I returned home, my Buff was frozen solid to my facemask by a chunk of ice. I didn't dare pull it apart for fear of ripping one of these articles of clothing. It is the first time in my running career that clothing has frozen together. Wow, it must have been a little cool... ;-)

So, with the run over and a high temperature that did not make it above zero, how does one spend the rest of the day? Why, by making meat loaf, or course! It was really a combination of two recipes. Most of it is based on Alton Brown's meat loaf recipe, which is my gold standard. However I borrowed an element from Bobby Flay, namely his balsamic-ketchup glaze. The results? Deeeeelicious, and great comfort food on a chilly evening in Minnesota.

Mmmmm....meat loaf...

Thawing out nicely by the fireplace,

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