Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lounge Lizard

Today my new purchase arrived. I finally have some REAL furniture!

All my life I have been living with either hand-me-down or cheap furniture; stuff leftover from college, family heirlooms (which are awesome, don't get me wrong), or purchases from the most confusing of stores, IKEA. I figured I was old enough now to treat myself to something special I can call my own. So I got a big 'ol leather recliner!

I found my "King's throne" at HOM Furniture on sale. It was more than half off as part of their New Year sale, so it was a steal. This is one of those chairs that everyone's Dad had that you were never allowed to sit it. It is that kind of recliner! Big, puffy, comfy, and built for watching sports. I can't wait to break this baby in.

This is how I will look watching football, NASCAR, and golf! :)

Nice morning for a run. There was some unexpected snow yesterday evening that the National Weather Circus failed to predict (these guys have had a rough week!), so there was close to an inch of white powder on the trails and paths. Just enough to make things slick. So much for being speedy! :) I did 9 miles today in a pleasant 21 degrees, and met a few other runners enjoying the morning as well.

Not much on the agenda except for football, golf, and Chinese takeout for dinner. I can't waste time in the kitchen today; there is lounging to be done! :)

It's good to be the King,

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