Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ready to get "Lost"

Today we are noticing somewhat of a warming trend. Highs might hit double digits above zero today, and the weekend looks to be returning to normal in the mid to upper 20’s. That is good, because Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we had -30 to -40 wind chills.

Let me tell you, that was some bitter cold stuff, even for this Minnesotan. Simply getting in my car after work Tuesday night was excruciatingly windy and chilly, and I have not felt cold like that in years. It was so cold that it took the car several miles just to warm up to its normal operating temperature. Heated seats are a wonderful thing, however. Although, I would like to request a new feature; heated steering wheels! Mine was frozen solid and it almost hurt to hold on. I think there is definitely a market for this in the northern climates. Automobile manufacturers, take note! :)

To avoid the -40 wind chill stuff, I opted to run last night when it was warmer (a steamy -4 degrees with a -16 wind chill!). Oh well, despite being cold, it was a nice run. Obviously, I had the trails all to myself. I did have to be a little cautious though, because our extreme warm day that turned to extreme cold caused some refreezing of puddles on the trail and at intersections, so I had to play a bit of hopscotch in some places. But it was fun!

When I returned to my apartment building with my frosted-over facemask and frozen eyelashes, I walked through the lobby to pick up my mail. A group of elderly residents were sitting around and chatting. They didn’t speak to me directly, but I overheard one of them say, “Look at this guy! Wow!” Too funny. Now I have a bunch of my neighbors who think I am crazy!

Two more items completely unrelated to anything:

1. I wrote about this last year, but I see they are doing it again, and it is worth noting with February 14th fast approaching. Guys, it is time to grab your best girl and take her to White Castle for Valentine’s Day! They are doing the candlelight dinner with white tablecloths, and they even take reservations. Because nothing says “I love you” like a sack full of sliders.

2. I couldn’t be more excited because tonight is the season premiere of “Lost,” which I have been anxiously awaiting since last May! This is unquestionably my favorite show on TV, and one of the most entertaining and creative things I have seen. We were left with so many questions at the end of last season, so I am interested to see where we go from here. Last night, they reran the previous season finale and added some subtext to explain certain events and history. I am so ready for the new season. Bring it on!

Ready to get “Lost,”

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