Saturday, January 26, 2008

Runners, runners, everywhere!

I had an extremely busy week at work. We were a little short-handed to begin with, so I ended up having to pick up a few extra duties so we had everything covered. In addition, we had a meeting with some clients on Friday, so I needed to prepare for and attend that as well. I really like my job, but I was also pretty happy to see Friday done and over with!

I went for a 9 mile run this morning. There was an ever so slight dusting of fine snow along the trails, which made things a bit slippery, sort of feeling like you are spinning your wheels, so to speak. That made the run kind of slow. But hey, it was 20 degrees (making it 35 degrees warmer than last Saturday's run!), so who can complain?

In fact, most of the Twin Cities runners appeared to have come out of the woodwork to take advantage of the milder weather. I met perhaps eight different runners, in addition to some walkers.

There are two people I see routinely on my Saturday run, so I encountered them and we exchanged our usual "Good mornings." But there were a whole bunch of other runners as well. Perhaps more people are gearing up for the spring race season?

Not too much else going on. I got some shopping done today, and I will probably grab some Chinese takeout for dinner. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

Until next time,

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