Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Running in the moonlight

First of all, thanks to Rick who gave me some press on his blog for my -15 below zero running exploits. It really is interesting how people can get acclimated to cold or heat. And hey, in Minnesota, we are fortunate to have both, depending upon the season! :)

I had a fantastic run this morning. The temperature was -2 degrees, however that felt downright balmy compared to the weekend!

There is a section of trail where I run through a park, which is more scenic and keeps me off the trail along side of the main roads. The trail winds through a meadow and into a wooded area. Away from the sounds of traffic, I was struck by the beauty of the morning.

Skies were clear, and the full moon was glowing so brightly that my headlamp was almost unnecessary. The moonbeams cast shadows from the trees onto the fresh dusting of snow we received overnight. It was so quiet and peaceful, and it is difficult to describe how nice it was, given that the day was still quite chilly. But when a morning run is that pretty, it doesn’t seem so cold! :)

Unrelated to anything, and thanks to the writers' strike, I have been surfing channels in search of anything new to watch. I stumbled across a show that I really like. It is called “Ghost Hunters International” and it is on the SciFi Channel. They are paranormal investigators who research reports of ghostly activity. It is a reality-based spin-off of the original “Ghost Hunters” show, except that they are based in Europe where they are exploring a lot of old castles and mansions that have centuries worth of history. Very interesting (and spooky) stuff! Anyhow, this has been helping to quench my thirst for new TV programs quite nicely.

Until next time,

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