Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Countdown to spring?

We are only two days away from March. Can you believe it? I am starting to get excited for spring! Of course, March can also be one of our snowiest months, so perhaps I shouldn’t get too excited just yet? :) Actually, a possible two inches of snow is being predicted for tomorrow! Oh well, so much for the clear trails.

Running has been good this week, and I have enjoyed our ever expanding hours of daylight. How nice to run in actual daylight again! And with daylight savings time less than two weeks away, this is only sweetening the deal. Nice!

In cooking news, I have been pretty much subsisting on some Hungarian beef goulash that I made over the weekend. I used this recipe (but I added carrots and a sprinkle of dried marjoram, just because!), and it turned out pretty decent.

Tasty winter comfort food

I have never made a more traditional goulash before, and to me it was something like a combination of beef stew meets beef stroganoff, seasoned heavily with paprika and caraway, and finished with sour cream. I liked the dish. It was rustic and hearty. Next time I will do something to help thicken the sauce though, as I found it slightly thinner than I would have preferred. But good stuff, nonetheless! Give the recipe a whirl if you are interested in something different.

Until next time,

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