Sunday, February 03, 2008

A frosty Super Bowl Sunday

I woke up this morning to 18 degrees with very foggy and overcast skies. There was a sort of "winter wonderland" feeling too, as everything was frost-covered. Very pretty!

Gray skies and frosty trees

And old, abandoned farm in my neighborhood, coated in frost

I ran a 6 1/2 mile loop around the lake this morning. I felt a little more speedy than I did yesterday, wearing my road shoes instead of my trail clunkers, as much of the trail has cleared off due to some warmer days. I didn't meet any runners today, however I did meet a man walking two enormous sheepdogs! Wow, were they ever playful and cute.

Last nights Thai yellow curry with venison was outstanding, if I do say so myself. The dish consisted of sliced venison steak (well-seasoned with curry powder), red bell pepper, green beans, red onion, crushed red pepper, and lots of ginger and garlic in a sauce consisting of coconut milk and fish sauce. Served over jasmine rice, it was absolutely delightful, and I will be making this again (and with other types of meat, like chicken, beef, or even shrimp).

Last night's feast

Not much on the agenda today except to do some laundry, whip up a pot of chili, and sit back in the easy chair to watch the Super Bowl. My money is on the Patriots. Brady is just incredible. And I can't believe that the Giants (a team that my hapless Vikings absolutely crushed back in November) are in the big game. I would have much rather seen the Packers here, but what can you do? Let's just hope for a good, fun game!

Until next time,

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