Friday, February 15, 2008

Ready for spring, anyone?

It has been a hectic week of work, hence the limited activity on my blog. I am preparing for a software release coming up in the next week, so I have been mired in documentation and testing!

I am happy to say my cold is done and over with. The sinuses have cleared up nicely, thanks to some rest and a lot of orange and grapefruit juices! So that also means I have done some running this week, and I ran very well. We even had a dusting of a couple inches of snow Wednesday night into Thursday, which did not slow me down on the trails at all, thanks to some quick plowing efforts by the park folks (thanks guys!).

While I am sick of talking about the weather (probably as sick as you are of reading about it!), it continues to be interesting. Here we are a little more than a month away from the official first day of spring, and it was still -9 degrees (actual air temperature) in my neighborhood this morning. As much as I don’t mind doing a short 4-5 miler in the bitter cold, I am so ready for some warmth.

Just for kicks, I looked back at my running spreadsheet this morning, where I not only track mileage, but also keep other notes, including the temperature at the time of my run. I decided it might be fun to see if I can determine an average temperature for my runs over the past few months. I am going to calculate this and will share the results later on.

And, in looking at my running spreadsheet, I was actually quite pleased, and somewhat surprised, to see that I am ahead on my mileage when comparing to last year at this time. Only by about 22 miles, but I am still ahead! That made me happy, since I feel like I have been missing out on some long run opportunities on the weekends as of late. That will change though, as the days (eventually) become warmer! :)

Looking forward to spring,

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